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Four Reasons to Trust God

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Preached by Pastor Dr. Autry Williams

Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.  

Have you ever had to trust anyone? If so, then you probable came to

realize that is very difficult to give someone else control and to totally

depend on that person.

But there is someone who you can turn over complete control, and who

you can trust with any and everything. And that person is God.

But the key to trusting God is to first not trust yourself. And that’s

because there’s no halfway with God. Either you take yourself out of the

way and trust Him with all of your heart or you don’t trust Him at all.

One of the greatest verses in the bible is in Proverbs chapter 3

verse 5 which says, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and

lean not unto thine own understanding.”

And today, I’m going to share with you, four reasons why you should

trust God.

Four Reasons to Trust God

  1. He’s Conscious

  2. He’s Concerned

  3. He’s Consistent

  4. He’s Capable

He’s Conscious

The word conscious means, He’s aware. The world wants you to think God is so far up in the clouds that He’s not interested in what you’re doing down here. But don’t you believe that.

God is completely conscious of what we’re doing minute by minute and day by day. And not only that, Matthew Chapter 6, verse 8 tells us that our Heavenly Father knows what things we have need of even before we ask Him.

So as you go about your daily routine, remember God is conscious and aware of all

that you’re going through and because of that, you can put your trust in Him.

Isn’t it good to know that we have a God who is omniscient which means all knowing? So we

should trust Him, because He’s conscious and already knows everything about us.

He’s Concerned

No matter what confronts us, God is concerned. There are people in this world who just don’t care a thing about anybody other than themselves. But Christians ought to be the most caring people on earth. People don’t care how much you know until they first know how much you care!

So, what this verse is telling us is that the Lord will build up the believer and empower his spirit to soar high above the trials and temptations of whatever situation he is facing.

1 Peter 5:7 says cast, which means to throw.

  1. Throw your cares

  2. Throw your anxieties

  3. Throw your worries

  4. Throw them all on God!

Why? Because He cares for you. Whatever concerns you, concerns the Lord.

His grace will help us conquer and triumph over all circumstances and situations. So, whenever you’re faced with problems, situations and obstacles that seem impossible to handle, just throw them on Him, He can handle them all. He’s concerned about you!

He’s Consistent

Being consistent means that He’s faithful and that you can always count on Him and trust Him to do exactly what He says He will do every single time. Even if others let you down and are found to be unreliable, God will never let you down.

You can always rely on Him. The Hebrew writer says in Hebrew Chapter 13, verse 8, “Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever.”

This simply means that He’s consistent. He’s always with us and He never changes.

He’s Capable

Ephesians chapter 3, verse 20 says, “God is able to do exceeding, abundantly above all that we could ask or think according to the power that He works in us.” So to sum up this verse, God is capable. Nothing is too hard for God.

There’s not one problem that we face that He’s not capable of solving exceedingly, abundantly above all that we can ask or think.

Just know that no matter what you’re going through, no matter what it is, you can trust God.

You can trust Him because He’s conscious, He’s concerned, He’s consistent and He’s capable.

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