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Being Elevated and Sustained on Holy Ground

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Preached by Pastor Dr. Autry Williams

Exodus 3:1-5

Our goal in life shouldn’t be to reach for high ground or good ground, but our goal should be to reach for holy ground. And then we shouldn’t just be satisfied with reaching holy ground. But once we’ve reached it, we should strive to sustain it.

Text Outline:

  1. High Ground

  2. Good Ground

  3. Holy Ground

High Ground

As we look closer at the text the first thing that we see is the fact that this divine encounter

between God and Moses happened on a mountain. So this meant that Moses was on

high ground. High ground had military value; it was difficult to attack an elevated

enemy. High ground also meant being safe from predators who could only survive on

low ground.

There are some vices in life and people too, that will tear you apart if you stay, on low

ground. Sometimes the only way you can escape them and get to safety, is you must

move on up a little higher to, some high ground.

The only way that we can truly be elevated, is through the Lord. You can’t

do this by yourself.

So, humble yourself unto the Lord, and he will elevate you to high ground.

Good Ground

The second thing we notice in our text is, that there was vegetation there on the mountain,

a bush. So this brings us to the second outline of this message which is, good ground.

Moses was on ground that was elevated and allowed him to look down. He was also in a

sustaining environment, on ground that produced life. Moses was on good ground. Now

when we look at good ground as it applies to us, good ground is the provisions that God

supplies to us daily.

And if you want to live on good ground then you must 1st seek the kingdom of God and

then give unto others as you would want them to give unto you.

Holy Ground

Now the third thing we notice in our text is that there was something on that mountain

where Moses stood that made the ground extraordinary. And that something is that

Moses encountered the presence of God while on that high and good ground.

It was the presence of God on the mountain that made it, holy ground.

So the question for us today is, where is holy ground?

In our text, we see exactly where holy ground is located. It is wherever we

find the presence of God.

  • Holy ground is any place where we allow God’s presence to enlighten our minds. That is holy ground.

  • Holy ground is any place that demands that we remove our shoes.

  • Holy ground is any place that demands that we discard that which comes between us and God’s holiness.

So let’s keep praying, trusting and believing that God will elevate us to High Ground, to

Good Ground and to Holy Ground and that He will sustain us all once we get there.

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