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DAfStb Heft 600: A Guide to Eurocode 2 for Concrete Structures

If you are a civil engineer, a structural designer, or a student of concrete construction, you may have heard of DAfStb Heft 600, a publication by the German Committee for Structural Concrete (DAfStb) that provides explanations and application rules for DIN EN 1992-1-1 and DIN EN 1992-1-1/NA, the German versions of Eurocode 2 (EC2) for the design of concrete structures.

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But what is DAfStb Heft 600 exactly, and why is it important? How can you get a copy of it, and what are the main changes and updates in the latest edition? In this article, we will answer these questions and give you an overview of the content and scope of DAfStb Heft 600.

What is DAfStb Heft 600?

DAfStb Heft 600 is a series of publications that provide commentaries and supplementary rules for the implementation of EC2 in Germany. EC2 is a European standard that specifies the general rules and principles for the design, calculation, and detailing of concrete structures. It covers various aspects such as materials, durability, structural analysis, ultimate limit states, serviceability limit states, detailing, and fire resistance.

However, EC2 also allows for some national choices and adaptations to account for different climatic, geographical, or regulatory conditions in each member state. These national choices are specified in the National Annexes (NA) of EC2, which are complementary documents that provide additional information or modify some clauses of EC2.

DAfStb Heft 600 aims to facilitate the understanding and application of EC2 and its NA in Germany by providing explanations, background information, examples, and alternative or additional rules that are consistent with the German building codes and regulations. It also reflects the latest research and developments in concrete technology and structural engineering.

How can you get a copy of DAfStb Heft 600?

DAfStb Heft 600 is available in both print and digital formats from Beuth Verlag GmbH , the official publisher of German standards and technical literature. You can order it online from their website or by phone or email. The price for the print or digital version is 98.80 EUR (including VAT), while the combination of both formats costs 128.44 EUR (including VAT). You can also purchase multi-user licenses for up to 10 or unlimited workstations at different prices.

If you are looking for a free download of DAfStb Heft 600 in PDF format, you may be disappointed to find out that there is no legal way to obtain it without paying. The publication is protected by copyright laws and cannot be shared or distributed without the permission of the publisher or the author. Therefore, any website or source that claims to offer a free download of DAfStb Heft 600 is likely to be fraudulent or illegal.

What are the main changes and updates in DAfStb Heft 600?

The first edition of DAfStb Heft 600 was published in 2012 and covered both buildings and bridges. However, in November 2020, a revised second edition was released that only covers buildings. The bridge-specific commentaries will be included in a separate publication, DAfStb Heft 600 Part 2 , which is still under preparation.

The second edition of DAfStb Heft 600 Part 1 incorporates the A1 amendments of EC2 and its NA from 2015 as well as the interpretations of the standards up until June 2019. It also takes into account some of the findings from the ongoing revision of EC2 at the European level.

Some of the most significant additions and changes compared to the first edition are :

  • Additional notes on the legal framework and requirements for concrete structures in Germany

  • Hints on the assessment and retrofitting of existing structures

  • Requirements and design rules for fastenings in concrete elements according to DIN EN 1992-4

  • References to DAfStb Heft 622 and 626 on performance-based durability design

  • Detailed commentaries on the changed durability rules for parking structures and exposure to chemical attack

  • Extension of the shear resistance of joints subjected to fatigue loading

  • Extension of the punching shear reinforcement types to include S- or H-hooks up to 10 mm diameter

  • Clarification of the anchorage of the effective width of longitudinal reinforcement in flat slabs and foundations with punching shear reinforcement

  • Addition to moment coefficients and distribution widths of minimum longitudinal reinforcement for wall corners and ends

  • Supplements to the rules for compression in partial areas for two-dimensional load transfer

  • Introduction of design principles for crack width limitation considering the effective tensile strength of concrete due to restrained shrinkage


DAfStb Heft 600 is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the design of concrete structures according to EC2 and its NA in Germany. It provides clear and comprehensive explanations, examples, and application rules that are based on the latest research and practice. It is available in print and digital formats from Beuth Verlag GmbH, but not as a free PDF download. The second edition of DAfStb Heft 600 Part 1 was published in 2020 and covers buildings, while the bridge-specific commentaries will be published in a separate part in the future.


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