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Three Stages of Grace

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Preached by Pastor Dr. Autry Williams

Ephesians 2:4-9

Grace which means unmerited favor, is the basis of our salvation. It is grace that grants men who deserve hell access into heaven. Every conversion in scripture is an example of God’s grace.    

There Are Three Stages of Grace

  1. Saving Grace

  2. Living Grace

  3. Dying Grace

By grace we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ. The grace of God is the expression of His goodness toward the undeserving.

Saving Grace

  • We’re saved from the wrath of God

  • We’re saved from God’s judgement here on earth

  • We’re saved from eternal damnation

Saving Grace has quicken us together with Christ.

Saving Grace has raised us up with Christ.

Saving Grace has us seated in heavenly places in Christ.

Living Grace

  • When it comes to grace, we all need it every day and that makes it a ‘LIVING GRACE’

  • God cares for us each and every day with His Living Grace

  • When we’re going through tough times, that’s when we need to lean heavily on God’s Living Grace

  • No matter what we face at the present time, God’s Living Grace is sufficient!

Dying Grace

  • God uses death as our doorway to pass on from earth into heaven to live an eternity with Him. That’s ‘DYING GRACE’

  • When we take our final breath in this life, God’s Dying Grace ushers us into His presence.

  • The reason we’re going to be with the Lord after we die, is because of God’s Dying Grace

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