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Martin Novikov
Martin Novikov

Download VERIFIED File Irene Kelley - Snow White Memorie...

Of course there was now the kindliest feeling [Pg 79]between the party ofexplorers and the Indians. They found everything that they needed, horses,provisions, and guides, placed at their disposal. They were at that time,as would be seen by an inspection of the map, at the head waters of SalmonRiver. They hoped that they might find a route down that powerful streamto navigable water. But the Indians assured them that the river was whitewith foam for many miles and disappeared in a chain of terrific snowymountains. It became necessary, therefore, to find a more northerly route,and on the last day of August, with twenty-nine horses, having bidden ahearty good-bye to the hospitable Shoshones, they turned north-westwardand soon became entangled in the savage ridges and defiles, alreadyspotted with snow, of the Bitter Root Mountains.

Download File Irene Kelley - Snow White Memorie...



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