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Kettlebell Dvd ((TOP))

Physical therapist and certified kettlebell instructor, Keith Weber puts you through 7 savage whole body mini-workouts with a single kettlebell, that when combined will be challenging for even the most seasoned vet.

kettlebell dvd

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When thinking about kettlebells, the upper body isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But Keith Weber shows us otherwise and ensures that his DVD is a true total body workout. The exercises include windmills, push presses, cleans, clean and presses, rowing, pushups, upright rowing, then finally the hot potato drill.

There are so many kettlebell workout DVDs to choose from it is hard to limit this list just to 5. That just goes to show the potential that exercising with kettlebells can offer. We may have to expand this list to 10 or more in the future! But for now, here are our top 5 picks.

The Skogg System Kettlebell Program contains not 1 but 5 discs! Presented by the multi-talented Michael Skogg, the Skogg System is easily adaptable. For both women and men, there are various levels of experience that this program is suitable for. Classified as beginner, intermediate, advanced, and warrior depending on the weight of the kettlebell. This super scalable program is getting rave reviews around the world.

This 5 disc DVD set has 1 instructional DVD and 4 workout DVDs of various difficulties. Each workout runs between 10 and 35 minutes. Short enough for a quick or medium-length kettlebell session. All of the workouts have warm up and cool down stretches too.

This 4 disc set is a little on the older side. However, it has over 500 glowing reviews on Amazon. Many people agree that it is their #1 kettlebell workout DVD program. Instructed by Sarah Lurie, the kettlebell exercises contained in this set work well for all ages and genders. Sarah, having overcome a serious injury, used kettlebell training to regain strength and mobility. Her enthusiasm is genuine and can help you in achieving your own goals.

Kettlebells and Kickboxing you say? Developed by martial art and fitness expert Dasha Libin Anderson, this unique workout is specifically built for women. Combining the elegance of martial arts with the raw power of kettlebells makes for a truly original workout. For women who have dreamed about getting that perfect lean body form, this routine was designed for you!

Whatever DVD you choose to purchase, you should have at least a couple kettlebells to utilize while exercising. Otherwise, you may find that the routines you are performing are either too easy or too difficult. Always see if the distributor provides guidelines for what appropriate size kettlebell you should use. Depending on your skill level of course.

As we mentioned a little earlier, this ultimate kettlebell workout DVD is designed specifically with beginners in mind, so this could be an ideal kettlebell pregnancy workout DVD if you need to take it slow.

Whilst this is a great kettlebell DVD for beginners, it is easy to increase the difficulty if you are in need of a more challenging training session. Simply increase the number of reps you are performing for each movement or use a heavier kettlebell.

The DVD contains 3 separate workouts, all of which are 25 minutes long and come with step-by-step instructions. The workouts are all focused on providing an in-depth introduction to kettlebell training by teaching the correct form and technique.

However, it is also suitable for those seeking a more intense workout as, if you feel you want to make the workouts more challenging, you can just increase the number of reps or use a heavier kettlebell.

Kettlercise Lean in 14 is one of the best kettlebell workout DVDs for weight loss on the market. It is suitable for people of all abilities and fitness levels who are looking to burn fat from the comfort of their own homes.

Similar to the first workout, this option is also really versatile. The reps are low and there are plenty of opportunities to take breaks, but if you want to make it more challenging you can use a heavier kettlebell.

This workout requires you to have a pair of kettlebells, and it contains some quite challenging movements. For that reason, prior experience with kettlebells is definitely required before attempting this specific workout!

This particular kettlebell exercise DVD comes with two discs. On the first disc, there is an introduction and a joint and mobility warmup, both of which will help you to limber up before you launch into the main training session.

This is a really great kettlebell DVD for beginners to kettlebell training because Bob gives in-depth advice on technique and on screen, he has another person alongside him who demonstrates the moves, too.

Whilst Bob offers a lot of coaching and advice throughout the workouts, which is really useful for those who are new to kettlebell training, beginners to fitness completely may still find the intensity of the workouts too much.

The first kettlebell exercise DVD on this disc is called Cardio Kettlebell. This includes a short warmup and a 25-minute training session which is focused on building strength and a cool-down at the end.

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or start exercising for the mental health benefits, we hope that this list has helped you to find the best kettlebell workout DVD to achieve your exercise goals!

As Law Enforcement, I can tell you that if you are not in shape for a fight or have the toughness (physically and mentally) to keep fighting after being stabbed or shot by a suspect, one day you are going to die. I have been working with my kettlebells for a week now following along with the DVD and getting an awesome workout everytime. Pavel's directions are easy to follow and very detailed. HIS ATTENTION TO DETAIL WILL SAVE YOU FROM INJURY...........IF YOU LISTEN ! ! ! ! These are awesome full body workouts that will put you in fighting trim building BOTH strength and endurance. Thanks to you Pavel and the people at Dragon Door for bringing a fantastic OLD SCHOOL tool back to the forefront of REAL fitness here in the U.S.

I purchased the Enter the Kettlebell book and DVD combination and I'm really glad to have both resources! Being able to see Pavel performing the different kettlebell moves is invaluable and reinforces the more detailed information presented in the book. I'm using both the book and the DVD to correct mistakes in my form and I'm looking forward to purchasing other Dragon Door kettlebell books and DVDs in the future to advance my training.

I learned from Pavel's concise and explicit instruction to use a kettlebell safely. Now that I have used the kettlebell safely, I have been able to increase my strength, flexibility and abiity to perform in ways that relular weight trining, running (marathons) or other diciplines could not get me results I needed. I also needed to produce an environment to 'heal' from 49 years of life.I had a shoulder injury and persistent lower back pain which led to a severe bout of 'plantar fasciitis' last year. I was off for months and getting fat and dumpy not to mention old, I was 49 at the time. In comes Pavel & Dragondoor. Long story short, "Enter The Kettlebell" has allowed me to produce and environment where everything is better at 50 years of age than it has been for many years. By the end of 2008 I will 'practicing' with a 71 lbs. kettlebell, to those who have ears, you know what that means. In Russian standards I could be becoming a man at the age of 50! That must in some ways mean that I still am young! Thanks Pavel for Enter The Kettlebell DVD! It changed my life!

Enter the Kettlebell is a rock solid DVD for anyone getting started with kettlebells and for anyone wanting to review the fundamentals that truly make the kettlebell effective. Pavel's straight up style of teaching with his Russian humor make this DVD a must for anyone serious about quality kettlebell training. He gets to the point and keeps it simple while being focused on quality, safety, and of course, PERFORMANCE! This DVD really helped me to properly train my corporate clients on the kettlebell basics of high-performance fitness. Ron Jones, MS, Corporate Wellcoach

I found the instructions in this video to be very technical, direct and Spartan. It helped me to learn the form very quickly, I thought. In fact, working out with a kettlebell works me so thoroughly that I gave away my total gym and the only workout device that I use is the kettlebell. I feel LOADS of pain, but in two months I never once injured myself to where I had to stop. I went from two days a week to six in no time, and now own four kettlebells.Maybe I should get a commission. I've sold the KB so well at work that five guys (including my boss) bought one. I'd recommend the bell and this video to anyone.

As usual Lauren delivers a great workout with the proper technique and form. This is great for anyone wanting to know more about kettlebell training and the benefits of using a kettlebell for better health

I was certified as an RKC II so I have some extensive knowledge of kettlebells. I LOVE this video. I have completed all three of the programs and I enjoy all of them. I am able to use heavy weights and take my time to ensure good form. In a world of do as many reps as you can as fast as you can where people keep getting hurt this video teaches you what we in KBs already know. Slow down and do the exercise correctly.

With an Honours diploma in Biosciences Technology and a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, Keith opened his own Physiotherapy practice in Alberta, Canada in 2001. In 2002, Keith became one of the first Russian Kettlebell certified trainers in Canada, and has since trained hundreds of people in the use of kettlebell training, releasing his first Extreme Kettlebell Cardio DVD in 2005.

I have never watched the kettlebell videos that were recommended, however I have seen the poor form used on Biggest Loser. It scares me. Kettlebells are one of the most amazing workouts I have ever tried, yet if done improperly, one can hurt themselves very bad. Find a certified russian kettlebell trainer, then work hard & have fun. 041b061a72


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