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Who Buys Empty Toner Cartridges

Empty Cartridge Purchasing (ECP)Selling toner cartridges is a great way to insure that empty toner cartridgesare recycled while making money at the same time! Not only do you get the warm,fuzzy feeling of having done something good for the environment, but you getrewarded with cash for doing so! And, we get to turn your empties into arecycled product! Win, Win and Win! However, in order to achievethe Win-Trifecta, the ECP process must run smoothly. So, we do have a fewpesky rules.

who buys empty toner cartridges

Cartridges We BuyWe only buy cartridges from the empty cartridge lists (links below). Also, the cartridges must be virgin cartridges, i.e., cartridges that have never been remanufactured. This is because non-virginempties tend to compromise the integrity of our products.

Cartridges We Do Not BuyWe do not buyback any cartridges that are not on our empty cartridge lists. The listsare kept up to date and reflect the ONLY cartridges that we are currentlypurchasing. So, if your cartridge is not listed, we will not buyit. Also, we do not buy unused cartridges.

NEEDEMPTY is one of the largest suppliers of empty inkjet cartridges in the industry. If you are looking for quality empties, you need not look elsewhere! We pride ourselves on our competitive prices and superior quality products.We also have a buyback program for all genuine unused ink & toner cartridges. We'll pay you for surplus cartridges. We even take care of shipping. We collect empty cartridges for our recycling program. We'll pay you to recycle empty and used printer cartridges! Make money while helping the environment by participationg in our ink cartridge recycling program.

To recycle your Ink, Toner, Drum or P-touch cartridges:Pack: Repackage the empty item using packaging items from the new item to protect the unit during shippingPrint: Print a free pre-paid Brother Smart Label through your Brother AccountShip: Secure the label to the box and return via USPS personnel or location

Please note that we currently only accept a minimum of 100 empty virgin ink cartridges or 50 toner cartridges in order to be eligible for our return program. Please consult our guide to better understand the difference between virgin and non-virgin ink and toner cartridge.

Please pack the toner cartridges and printer cartridges carefully and transport-safe.Please be sure to enclose our completed shipping ticket with address, remuneration request, etc. with each shipment.

Please pack the toner cartridges and printer cartridges carefully and transport-safe.. The packaging must protect the contents of the shipment against pressure, shock, fall or vibration. Damaged modules cannot be reused.

Simply send us your old toner cartridges and empty printer cartridges sufficiently franked. For ink cartridges an envelope is often sufficient. For unsorted modules we unfortunately cannot take over the transport costs. Please use our shipping note!.

We dispose of the old printer cartridges in an environmentally friendly and professional manner in accordance with KrWG, ElektroG and GewAbfV. You will receive a (disposal) certificate and for many toner and printer cartridges we will also pay you a remuneration according to our purchase price list.

For larger quantities of empty toner cartridges, we offer a pallet collection service at reasonable prices**.Above a certain remuneration value per pallet the collection is even free of charge*.You can find out whether free collection is possible in your country in the shipping options.

Since 1998 we have been involved in the recycling and marketing of old toner cartridges, empty printer cartridges and drum units.In addition to protecting our environment, we remunerate the recyclable materials according to the purchase price list. The purchased printer cartridges are reused instead of being disposed of!

Unfortunately modern technology creates waste and the computer and telecoms industries are no exception. Currently millions of tonnes of non-degradable plastic go to landfill each year in the form of mobile phones, inkjet and toner cartridges, much of which could be recycled given the opportunity, which is where Takeback can help.

We are long established collectors of empty cartridges. We specialise in collecting these cartridges and mobile phones from businesses, schools, scout/guide groups, stationery/computer dealers and many other industry sectors throughout the UK. We have the national infrastructure to collect these cartridges and mobile phones quickly and effectively, and importantly also have the required waste licenses from the Environment Agency to allow us to do so.

Yes! Here at Takeback we really do pay you for your empty cartridges and mobile phones and a price list is available to registered users. When you join our collection program, you choose how you wish to receive the monies. If you can accept payment by BACS, there is no minimum payment amount. If you need payment by cheque, then you will be paid every time your account exceeds a balance of 50.

I.T.P. are always looking to buy empty toner & inkjet cartridges, the more the better. Stockholding over 500,000 units at any one time and collecting over 1000 cartridge types makes I.T.P. the industry's most stable partner to sell your empties to.

At Brother, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and encourage our customers to do the same by sending us their genuine Brother printer ink, toner cartridges and drum units for recycling at no cost. With your help, we can continue to minimise our impact on the environment.

The state strives to reduce waste by encouraging the remanufacturing and recycling of spent ink and toner cartridges. Environmentally preferable cartridges include remanufactured and high-yield cartridges. High-yield cartridges usually contain about twice as much ink or toner as an equivalent standard-yield cartridge, which translates into more printed pages per cartridge. Reusing cartridges cuts waste disposal at landfills and saves energy. Less energy is used to produce remanufactured cartridges than to create new ones.

All affected entities are strongly encouraged to purchase high yield remanufactured toner cartridges as defined in this specification that meet the requirements recommended below, from vendors and manufacturers who meet the requirements recommended below.

Many users think it is expensive to purchase the HP original toner cartridges. Therefore, more and more people use the compatible printer supplies to replace the original ones. If you think so as well, True Image online store will meet your need.

True Image compatible CF258X toner cartridge delivers premium quality printing. If you have used our toner cartridges, you will be impressed with the quality. Even think you are using the original HP toner cartridges with print gauge technology, peak printing performance and innovative hp anti fraud technology.

True Image compatible HP58X Black high yield toner cartridge yields up to 10,000 pages. That means that it has much powder and can print a great number of pages. Therefore, you do not need to replace toner cartridge frequently. It replaces both 58A and 58X original HP toner cartridges with jetintelligence deliver professional quality pages high yield options. High yield options can save your time.

The product is guaranteed to work with following HP printers: HP LaserJet pro M404dn M404dw M404n, HP LaserJet pro MFP M428dw M428fdn M428fdw. Both HP 58A and HP58X work with the same printer models. So, you can buy our True Image HP58A standard yield toner replacements or HP58X compatible black high yield toner cartridges if your device belongs to above compatible printers.

The page yield of HP CF258X black high yield toner cartridges is three times more than the HP CF258A standard yield toner cartridges. Therefore, CF258X will produce THREE times more pages than standard cartridges CF258A. Our compatible cartridges are with the same page yield and high quality printing as the genuine ones.

The compatible 58X HP toner cartridge delivers high quality prints and offers satisfactory price. There is no doubt that it saves much cost on buying office supplies or school supplies to use our compatible ink or toner. If you print need is rather low in daily life, you can choose our compatible HP 58A CF258A toner cartridges. They are all worthy of your purchasing just depending on the need of your print jobs.

Both HP58A and HP58X are energy saving HP ecosmart toner cartridges. We suggest you send the empty cartridges back to HP for recycling after they are used up. The recycled content can be used to build refurblished toner cartridges.

With sustainability and the company footprint at the top of mind in most all businesses you may find yourself wondering what to do with certain items and can you recycle them. Empty toner cartridges is one of those items. Often times your toner may come with a return label so that when you replace the toner with a new one you can simply ship the empty back using the label provided in the new toner box.

Most commercial size copiers and printers do not have a return label in the new boxes of toner, and this is when you ask the question, what do I do with my empty toner cartridge? Most all toner cartridges can be put in your standard recycling containers, and this will start the process, but if you wanted a way to recycle these so that you can form a process around recycling toner cartridges then there are many different resources for you to accomplish this.

To get started with this program, you would need to reach out to our team (we recommend you ask for our Managed Print Services Specialist) and request a recycling box. Then our team will bring a recycling box out to you or have one delivered to your door. When you receive the box, it will come with a pre-paid return label already affixed to it, and all you will have to do is fill it with empty Kyocera toner containers, and then hand it to your UPS delivery personnel, or drop it off at a UPS location for pickup. 041b061a72


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