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Fut 24:Moving to the left back position

In the fast-paced world of FIFA 24, having Fut 24 Coins a squad filled with meta players can be the difference between victory and defeat. These are the cards that dominate their respective positions, providing a must-have presence for your Ultimate Team. Today, we're going to delve into the game and uncover the best players to consider for your FC 24 squad. Whether you're looking for affordability, stats, or sheer dominance, we've got you covered.

Goalkeeper: Nick Pope

Between the posts, there's one name that stands out - Nick Pope from Newcastle. He's an unreal goalkeeper, especially considering his price. With impressive stats for an 84-rated goalkeeper, he's a true meta card and a game-changer in FC 24.

Right Back: Frong from the Netherlands

At right back, the choice is clear - Frong from the Netherlands. This monstrous right back possesses unreal pace, fantastic dribbling, and is a consistent high-level card. His 94 pace ensures he can track back with ease, making him a must-have for your squad.

Right Center Back: Ed Milow

When it comes to right center back, Ed Milow takes the crown as the most meta choice. His stats are on par with some of the best icons, and he's a dominating presence in your backline. With 85 pace and 86 defending, he's essential for a solid defense.

Left Center Back: Kundai

If you're looking for an alternative, consider Kundai, another La Liga center back with stats similar to Milow. He offers great value for money and is incredibly meta, making him an excellent choice for your squad.

Left Back: Roo from Sweden

Moving to the left back position, Roo from Sweden is an outrageous choice. Her stats are the reason players are willing to pay a cheap EA FC 24 Coins premium for her card. With the right chemistry style, she can become an unstoppable force on the left flank, and her versatility makes her a fantastic addition to your squad.

Right Mid: Demelé

In the right mid position, Demelé stands out. With exceptional dribbling and pace, he's a perfect fit for FC 24. His 5-star skills and 5-star weak foot make him a versatile choice. A shooting chemistry style can improve his finishing, making him a top-class option.

Left Wing: Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is the hidden gem in FC 24. Her finesse shots are incredibly overpowered, and she feels like a high-tier icon in-game. With a 91 finishing rating, she's a goal-scoring machine. Her versatile stats allow her to excel in various positions, making her an incredible addition to your squad.

Center Mid: Kevin De Bruyne

Kevin De Bruyne is a flashback player who adds immense value to your squad. With great passing and traits, he's an overpowered choice. His presence in the midfield can control the pace of the game, making him an essential meta player.

Center Mid: Dong

Dong is another solid choice for the center mid position, offering excellent all-around stats. His versatility and ball-hawking abilities make him a valuable asset to your squad. Dong is an A-grade option in FC 24.

Center Forward: Pellas

Pellas is the most must-have card in FC 24. With impeccable dribbling and finishing, she's a game-changer in the center forward position. Her five-star skills and play styles make her an unstoppable force in the attack. Pellas is arguably the best card in the game.

Striker: Antoine Griezmann

For the striker position, Antoine Griezmann is a top choice. His dribbling, passing, and play styles make him a meta pick for FC 24. While he may be left-footed, he can still use his weak foot effectively when needed. Griezmann is a top-tier striker.

Striker: Alex Morgan

Surprisingly, Alex Morgan returns as the ultimate striker choice. Her finesse shots and incredible stats make her feel like an icon in the game. Morgan is a hidden gem and a game-changer as a striker. Her finishing and ball control play style are exceptional.

In the world of FC 24, building the ultimate Ultimate Team requires the inclusion of meta players. From Nick Pope guarding the goal to Alex Morgan dominating the attack, these players are essential for success. Whether you're on a budget or looking for pure dominance, this lineup of meta players has you covered. So, assemble your squad, hit the pitch, and experience the power of FC 24's most dominant players.


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