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Martin Novikov
Martin Novikov

Visionaire Studio Full Version Download Fix

Added support for MSCF installersAdded support for Amiga Disk Files using unADFAdded support for PDF files using Xpdf command line toolsAdded support for hundreds of game archives using GARbroAdded support for Godot engine packages using godotdecAdded support for Actual Installer executablesAdded support for Clickteam Install Creator installers using cicdecAdded support for newer Symbian Os packages using extsis (plugin)Added unshield as the default extractor for InstallShield cab files, thanks to TAbdiukovFixed some installers being misdetected as InstallShieldFixed swf exe extraction not terminating correctlyFixed console window always being visible for extractions using definition filesFixed file identification not working correctly for a few big executablesFixed Wise extraction methods 3 and 4 always failingFixed some executables not being tested with 7zipFixed some FMOD sound banks not being fully extracted, thanks to SakkadeFixed some zip extractions being detected as failed, although they completed successfullyFixed 'NScripter archive' false positivesFixed problems with BCM, Bink, CHM, CreateInstall, FEAD, InstallShield Z, MSP, Reflexive Arcade Installers,SQLite, SuperDAT, SWF, Thinstall, UU, VMDK, WMA extractionFixed ttarch extraction failing if UniExtract's path contains spaces, thanks to wwh1004Fixed 'Game Select' dialog being displayed in silent modeFixed batch mode not being enabled if directory is passed via command lineFixed some extracted files could be lost if moving the file/folder failed, thanks to patrickdrdFixed context menu items not being shown if more than 15 files are selectedFixed several UI issues, thanks to stdedos and wvxwxvwFixed rare problem during program files updates preventing some files from being downloaded correctlyFixed crash when trying to send feedback while offlineFixed possible extraction failure if file/directory locks could not be released quick enoughFixed problems enabling context menu integrationChanged Wise extraction: E_WISE is now used automatically, the method select dialog only appears if it failsChanged output directory input field to autofill after typing an input file pathChanged design/usability of 'Unknown file type', 'Plugin missing', 'No language file found' and 'Unsupported file type' error messages; FFmpeg and feedback prompts;'Batch mode duplicate' warningChanged drag and drop: when a folder is passed, all files in subfolders are added to batch mode as well(this can be disabled by adding batchrecurse=0 to section 'UniExtract Preferences' in UniExtract.ini)Changed 'Remember window position' option to also store window size, thanks to ltdetaImproved speed of file type detectionImproved file type detection for .eml, .mht, .xz, some game archivesImproved detection of multipart archives when adding files to batch queueImproved error detection for encrypted archivesImproved Visionaire extraction for many games: fixed file naming and corrupt webp imagesUpdated cicdec to 2.1.0Updated demoleition to 0.61Updated EnigmaVB unpacker to 0.58Updated ExeInfo PE to godotdec to 2.1.0Updated innounp to 0.49Updated lzop to 1.04Updated MediaInfo to 20.03Updated mtee to 2.21Updated PeaZip to 0.72Updated Qt Linguist to 5.13.2Updated QuickBMS to 0.10.1Updated SQLite to 3.31.1Updated UnRAR to 5.91; added x64 versionUpdated unrpa to 2.3.0Updated unshield to 1.4.d14d2e2 x86, thanks to lifenjoinerUpdated upx to 3.96Updated WiX to 3.11.2Updated Bulgarian translation, thanks to jekovcarUpdated Chinese (Simplified) translation, thanks to SeaHOHUpdated Dutch translation, thanks to WouterdekUpdated French translation, thanks to Pierre le Lidgeu and zorbaoUpdated German translation, thanks to Mr-UpdateUpdated Hungarian translation, thanks to hevesijUpdated Japanese translation, thanks to maboroshinUpdated Polish translation, thanks to BarnabaUpdated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation, thanks to igorruckertUpdated Russian translation, thanks to wvxwxvwUpdated Turkish translation, thanks to MinTR and Yakup KökRemoved Arc-reader, brunsdec, Crass/Crage, disunity and ns2dec, replaced with GARbroRemoved XAce, replaced with acefileRemoved Extract NT, replaced with 7zipRemoved ExtractMht and MhtUnPack, replaced with 7zip and TotalObserverRemoved GCFScape and STIX, replaced with TotalObserverRemoved wtee, replaced with mtee

Visionaire Studio Full Version Download

Added support for wix installersAdded support for Spoon installersAdded support for .rpgmvp filesAdded support for .utage filesAdded support for MDF image filesAdded support for Smacker video filesAdded support for ECM compressed disk imagesAdded support for swf executablesAdded support for OGG Vorbis audio filesAdded support for Mole Box executablesAdded support for NScripter version 2 archives using ns2decAdded support for Smile Game Builder archivesAdded support for UNC pathsAdded support for Lzip archivesAdded support for Visionaire game archivesAdded 'Open Log Directory' menu itemAdded 'Open Configuration File' menu itemAdded detection support for encrypted fsb filesAdded check on start to make sure a language file existsAdded Right to left UI mirroring for Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew; thanks to peteroochAdded new error messages: not enough free disk space, missing part for multipart archivesFixed MS SFX hotfix extractionFixed 'Open folder after extraction' being always disabled when UniExtract is opened with command line parametersFixed cleanup for .chm and EnigmaVB filesFixed error message after failed iso extraction: choices were mixed-upFixed missing file type information in NOTPACKED error message for FFMPEG extractionFixed missing packer name in unpack promptFixed extractors not being found on some systemsFixed pea extraction writing to wrong directoryFixed cascading context menu for supported Windows Server operating system versionsFixed 'Always on top' option not being savedFixed endless detection loop occuring for some .exe filesFixed missing minimize controlsFixed status box for .swf extractionFixed extraction being detected as failed if the output directory is a drive, not a folderFixed FFMPEG download/installation problemsFixed progress display performance in status box and pattern detectionFixed certain files being ignored by cleanup functionFixed crash when trying to open preferences GUI if /lang directory does not existFixed log files size display in file menu, if log directory is set to a location, which does not existFixed DGCA plugin installationFixed language selection list not being scrollableFixed some context menu GUI items not being translated after language changeFixed 'Not an InstallShield installer' option in MethodSelector not starting additional scansFixed output directory not being deleted after failed extraction (unicode mode only)Fixed video extraction failing for files starting with -Fixed error message when starting batch modeChanged feedback GUI design, removed unneeded input fieldsChanged feedback GUI to always pre-fill output fieldChanged .nrg extraction method to use 7zip for improved unicode supportChanged .arj extraction to use 7z instead of arjChanged .hlp extraction: improved logging, localized file nameChanged extraction to subdirectory: "."-character is now replaced to prevent collisions with existing filesChanged updater: each file is now updated on its own instead of using update packages, this way extractors can be updated much easier and faster; administrator rights are now only necessary if the program directory cannot be written toChanged plugin download: URLs are no longer hardcoded; instead they are requested from the server, so when something goes offline UniExtract does not have to be updated to fix the linkReplaced Unreal Engine package extractor with UmodelRemoved redundant 64-bit MediaInfo dllRemoved option to toggle support for game packages from settings GUIUpdated 7zip to 18.01Updated EnigmaVB unpacker to 0.44, changed logic to use new command line parameterUpdated Exeinfo PE to unrar to 5.50Updated unrpa to 1.5.2Updated TrID to 2.24Updated unshield to 1.4Updated FFMPEG to 4.0.2Updated innounp to 0.47Updated Bulgarian translation, thanks to Jekov J.K.Updated French translation, thanks to zorbaoUpdated Chinese (Traditional) translation, thanks to jfcherngUpdated Portuguese (Brazilian) translation, thanks to igorruckertUpdated Greek translation, thanks to gvp9000Updated Russian translation, thanks to @wvxwxvw

Added support for .mp3, .wmv and .wma filesAdded support for bcm compressed files using bcmAdded support for zpaq archives using zpaqAdded support for Android boot images using bootimg (plugin)Added support for Excelsior Installer executablesAdded support for ISO zipped image files using uniszAdded status box to sfx script extractionAdded output directory permission checkAdded update summary to update promptAdded back is5comp (plugin)Changed .exe detection logic for speed improvementsChanged file type detection: TrIDLib is now used for extraction, TrID for scan only mode, the libraryversion is much faster but returns less additional informationChanged settings directory: if UniExtract detects insufficient write permissions to its directory,all settings are stored in %APPDATA%; this way multiple users on the same local system canalso have different preferencesChanged .exe extraction: UniExtract will now terminate with a NOTPACKED error instead of usinggeneric 7z extraction, which produces useless filesChanged success evaluation: if files were overwritten the extraction was often evaluated as failedChanged success evaluation: improved failure detectionChanged keepopen option: moved from edit menu to main GUI for better usabilityFixed crash when clicking finish button in plugin GUI if no item has been selected beforeFixed helper binaries execution failing if %comspec% environment variable is unsetFixed .pea detectionFixed .chm extractionFixed .mht detectionFixed FreeArc extractionFixed AdvancedInstaller extractionFixed registry keys are now being deleted after scanning if they did not exist before for ExeInfo, PEidFixed settings not being saved if UniExtract lays in program files directory due to lacking permissionFixed updating/FFMPEG download if user has no write permissions to UniExtract's directoryFixed free space check failing if output directory does not existFixed not enough free space dialog's 'Abort' button not workingFixed download progress indicator not being on top of first start GUIFixed first start GUI now shows 'Installed' if FFMPEG already existsFixed error message display bug for unicode filesFixed some wrong detectionsFixed unicode multipart rar/7z archive extractionFixed unpack prompt in some cases being displayed again after the user clicked 'no'Fixed 7zip check often returning true, even if the file cannot be extracted, leading to 'failed' extraction resultFixed crash in update message when UniExtract is run from command line and 'No' is clickedFixed syntax help dialog closing automaticallyFixed possible false positives when using checkNSIS functionFixed password detection for some .rar filesFixed some untranslated terms in MethodSelect GUIRemoved globalprefs option and preference storage in registryRemoved faad and flac, extraction is now handled by FFMPEGRemoved unnecessary input file movesRemoved 7zip 15.14, reverted to 15.05 as NSIS support was dropped from newer versionsUpdated ExeInfoPE to peazip to 0.53/1.0Updated ttarchext to 0.2.9Updated Japanese translation, thanks to A. InabaUpdated Chinese (Simplified) translation, thanks to SeaHOH


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