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X4: Foundations Free Download (v1.20) \/\/TOP\\\\

The first version of the Debian-based Ubuntu, named "4.10 Warty Warthog", was released on October 20, 2004.[49] Because it was distributed as a free download, it became one of the most popular and successful operating systems with more than "40 million users" according to Canonical Ltd.[50][51] However, Murdock was critical of the differences between Ubuntu packages and Debian, stating that it leads to incompatibilities.[52]

X4: Foundations Free Download (v1.20)

Debian has access to online repositories that contain over 51,000 packages.[80] Debian officially contains only free software, but non-free software can be downloaded and installed from the Debian repositories.[81] Debian includes popular free programs such as LibreOffice,[82] Firefox web browser, Evolution mail, K3b disc burner, VLC media player, GIMP image editor, and Evince document viewer.[81] Debian is a popular choice for servers, for example as the operating system component of a LAMP stack.[83][84]

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