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157th Homecoming Anniversary Group

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Maverick Adams
Maverick Adams

December 20th Update ? Underground News

We are glad of the news that the updated bivalent COVID-19 booster is now approved and available. We see the arrival of the new booster as another hopeful milestone with the data the FDA considered in its approval strongly suggesting improved protection against currently circulating variants. We appreciate the continued engagement of many partners involved in assuring equitable reach of the vaccine.

December 20th Update – Underground News

Polish independent developer Mechanistry released the first large content patch, Update 1, for their beaver city builder Timberborn. This update sends beavers underground and into the human ruins scattered across the drought-stricken world.

Animal Homes: December 20th (SOLD OUT), December 27th (SOLD OUT) A home can be underground, up in a tree or under a rock. Learn about how animals from around the world find, build or share their homes.

The primary purpose of the rulemaking is to incorporate new requirements of the 2015 amendments to the federal underground storage tank regulations at 40 CFR Part 280 so that the District can maintain state program approval under 40 CFR Part 281. The new requirements include regulation of previously deferred field-constructed underground storage tanks and airport hydrant systems, testing of spill prevention and leak detection equipment, containment sump testing, and periodic walkthrough inspections. The rulemaking also updates the requirements for corrective action after releases from underground storage tanks, consolidates and updates fee requirements, and makes clarifying amendments and corrections to the regulations.


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